Hearing From God: Day 11

A Word of Caution and Security

The most common topic on the news today is the Ebola Virus. As a result, people are scared. They don’t know what atmospheres are safe or contaminated. I do urge all of you (us) to be cautious at all times. However, this reminds me of some events that happened in the book of Exodus.

In Exodus chapters 7-11 we see plagues breakout all over Egypt. Now, I can’t go through everything that I’d like to. Still, I must leave you with something.

Exodus 9:4 NIV
But the Lord will make a distinction between the livestock of Israel and that of Egypt, so that no animal belonging to the Israelites will die.’ ”

Exodus 10:22-23 NIV
So Moses stretched out his hand toward the sky, and total darkness covered all Egypt for three days. No one could see anyone else or move about for three days. Yet all the Israelites had light in the places where they lived.

God makes a distinction between His people!  What a wonderful fact.  The plagues that trouble the world, we are protected from.

The question remains, are we one of God’s people? How do you know?  The Word says in John 10:27 NIV
My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

In following God, we have a protection unlike any other. Know need to worry about the troubles of this world. Obey His Word, you’ll be able to dwell in the Peace that surpasses.

Love you, be blessed!



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