Hearing From God: Day 12 – Shhhh!

How many times have we said that we’re going to spend some intimate time with God, only for it to be not so intimate?  What am I saying?  We say that we’re going to spend quality time with Him in prayer and reading His Word.  In doing so, we speak a quick prayer, read a verse or two, and then we are out the door to start our day.  NEWS FLASH!  That is neither quality or intimate.

With intimacy, communication is a major contributor to its effectiveness.  When you consider communication, it is a two way street.  In it one person talks, while the other listens actively.  The active listener then has an opportunity to chime in on the conversation.  So often, we ramble off things or requests to God, but don’t allow God the opportunity to respond.

I leave you with this.  Slow down!  Spend some sincere, quality, intimate time with God.  Cast your cares on Him, then grant Him the opportunity to address your cares.  Allow Him time to give you direction and purpose for your day.  If we do this, I guarantee, it will greatly enhance our life and the lives of others!

Love you, be blessed




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