Hearing From God: Day 17 – My Praise

Today I celebrate my 35th birthday. I don’t feel that old, but I am. At 35, I am nowhere near where I want or even thought I’d be. Still, I’m completely grateful for where I’m at and where I haven’t been.

At 35, I have a beautiful wife, two amazing kids, stable employment, and a God whose presence is beyond AMAZING! He’s kept me from all negative statistics.

I’ve never been to jail. I was not a teenage parent. I’ve never sold drugs or be a part of the street life. I have however, done wrong. I’m far from perfect. Still, despite my imperfections, He loves me perfectly.

I am looking forward to the future, it is promising.

A lady that I know, by the name of Gussie M. Carter, used to sing a song that says this: “Every day is a day of thanksgiving”.

Today I give thanks to all that have played a role in my life. #Gratitude

Love you, be blessed!



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