Hearing From God: Day 18 – Jesus Wept

John 11:35 says, “Jesus wept.” In this chapter you’ll read about a man by the name of Lazarus. Now, this particular individual is mentioned in the Bible in John chapters 11 and 12. But the question remains, what makes this particular individual so significant to Jesus, but not significant enough to be mentioned elsewhere?

Again, there is not much written about this particular individual, so a deeper understanding must be sought. In seeking, one would come up with the conclusion that Lazarus was a TRUE friend to Jesus. Lazarus wasn’t seeking a position.  One would gather that he was a person that Jesus trusted. One would also assume that they spent quality time with one another. I can only imagine the conversations. They were boys.

So when Jesus received the news about Lazarus, I am certain that His heart became heavy. Now, I could go deeper in story but, that is not the purpose of my writing today.

The purpose of my writing is to ask the question, would Jesus, or could Jesus weep over you?  See, Lazarus had a relationship without a position or title. He was just TRUE. Could the same be said about us?  Would Jesus be able to come in our presence and truly recline?  Could He just be Himself, and not expected to give or do anything extra? Could He just be?

I believe this is what makes Lazarus so significant. He didn’t need to be seen or acknowledged in public. He was a person who was always trying to get. He was merely a person who could be relational with his FRIEND, Jesus.

How are we in comparison?  Could Jesus weep over you/me?

Love you, be blessed!



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