Hearing From God: Day 26 – Let’s Pray

In my time spent, all I was able to hear is, “Pray!” There are so many people in this world and in our lives that are hurting. So let’s take some time to see people through God’s eyes. We may not know the hurt that they are experiencing, but we can recognize it. As God puts someone on our heart, let’s intercede for them wholeheartedly.

God, we thank you for today and all that You have done. Allow me to start by asking for forgiveness for all that we have done wrong. As we cry out to You show us how to restore. We pray for healing, Lord, of the hurt. We also pray for the healing of those who have hurt. We recognize that we sit on both sides. As we deal with the inflicted pain, allow us to still act in a manner that reflects You. In asking for forgiveness we must be willing to forgive others. In forgiving, let us also do what it takes to restore just as Jesus did for Peter. We pray for healing and comfort. We pray that as we go through our situations, that we always model You. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Love you, be blessed!


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