Hearing From God: Day 40 – When Perseverance Is Hard

There are three purposes of my current journey. 1. To spend time and hear from God. 2 To track my progress through this journey. 3. To be transparent and helpful to all who read my writings. With that being said, my goal was to post something from my journey every day for sixty days. I failed at that weeks ago. Even as recent as yesterday, I failed to make a post.

In an attempt to always be one who overcomes, I keep pushing. What messes with my mind (I’m sure it does yours as well), are the failures. How do you regroup? How do you gain the momentum and drive to start again. How does one persevere? Though, the answer is simple, the practice can be hard. You just do. You recognized what appears to be a failure. You consider all things that contributed to what appears as a failure. You move on from what appears to a failure. Why? Because this is the reality! It’s only a failure if you never try again.

Things don’t always go the way that we envision. Whether it’s life goals, marriage, raising our children, business endeavor, education or whatever. It’s never a failure if you get back up and try again. It is difficult, but it can and will be done! Don’t give up because of the hardships. Use that hardship as a lesson to catapult you to your destiny!

Love you, be blessed



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