There is a thought, really a question that has been on my mind for some time now.  The question is this: What makes You want to accept me with all my flaws?  This honestly had me perplexed. We as humans tend to run away from the flaws of others.  We see it as a big red flag.  We see the past and present mistakes of an individual and instantly shut down the possibility of a greater future.

I am grateful that God doesn’t look through human eyes! When you consider all the great figures of the Bible, they all had flaws.  You have Noah, who was a drunk, but God used him to build the Ark.  Abraham had a kid outside of his marriage, but is still called the “Father of Faith”.  Jacob was a con artist, but God allowed him to father the twelve tribes of Israel.  Moses committed murder and had a major anger issue, but God used him to deliver the Children of Israel from the hands of Pharaoh.  I could go on and on, but for the sake of time I will stop there.

Despite our flaws, despite our past, present, and future mistakes, God still says we are worth loving.  This is the goal, however, not to take God’s love for granted. Though we have flaws, we don’t have to live by our flaws.  So in recognizing them, we must polish ourselves.  We work on our character flaws.  As a child of God, we intentionally groom ourselves to be better than we were the day before.  His wonderful love permits us to grow.

Fortunately, His love is not contingent upon our flaws.  He sees only the blood that covers us.  God sees the ending results for the plan He has created for our life.  Once we come to grips with our character flaws, we can become all that we were created for.  As a friendly reminder, God not only loves us for who we are, but also for who we are created to be.

Love you, be blessed!



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