A Letter To My Queen

Dear Good Thing,

I remember sitting there, looking stupid, because you looked so beautiful.  I remember being overtaken by a past trait (shyness) when you came around the corner.  I remember saying, “Wow, she’s with me!”  I remember receiving the greatest, most life altering kiss ever.  I remember smiling a smile that was completely new to my face.  I remember butterflies and tingles.  I remember when you said, “Yes!” I remember being filled with pride.  I remember the Big Dipper.  I remember looking for it every night.  I remember your smile that showed complete happiness.  I remember the joy that gave me.

Memories such a beautiful thing.  But memories can only carry one so far.  Especially when the one you created them with is near, not far.

A flame can be destructive and productive, two different extremes.  Here’s the irony, a destructive flame can simultaneously be productive.   Still, it can’t do either if it’s stilled.  And in order for that flame to once again have the power to destroy and/or produce, it needs another agent to rekindle it.

Our flame is still flickering, though it has lost some of its energy.  So on nights, like tonight we dance like leaves in the wind that gives life to our flame.  Allowing fire to destroy the decaying, dying pieces of our relationship, making room for regeneration.  I look forward to regenerating with you as often as possible.  As our new love produces a forest for others to live through!

Will you regenerate with me?

You King


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