A Thousand Words

I came across this picture on Deviantart under the artist AaronGriffinArt. After looking at it for a while, this is what came to me.  Hope you enjoy!


Mixed emotion

Passion with hatred

Desired but repulsed

Needing acceptance while completely rejected

Longing to be touched, but skin crawls

Loving who loves her back


With complete might

To move on

She tries

Still at night

Her heart cries

He loves me enough to die

But not to be by my side

How does one receive so much

While being given so little

How can one pledge death

Without time

Knowing the possibilities

And realities

She burns with excitement

Drawn like a painter

To a canvas

She craves to be in his arms

Already in his grasps

For a time that will never pass

Knowing that if…

(Pleasant sigh)

It would last


One of the smallest words ever created

Yet, it brings the highest level of uncertainty


Tormented and pleasured

By the thought


AWS – written 08/05/15

Be Blessed


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