Bed Time Thoughts


Nightly kisses

Strategically placed on the top of your back

Around your body

My arms do wrap

Holding you tight

To show the might of my love

Counting my blessings

For you, I’m not worthy of

Whispers of I love you

Perfume the room

Heart warming confessions

Are what’s next to bloom

It’s taking some time to get this right

But I commit to you the rest of my life

To have and to hold

As together we grow old

Showing our two

How love can be gold

That it’s what you make it

Put God in the center

And never forsake it

I dream dreams of heaven when you’re next to me

For that alone

I pledge to you the beat of me

Love you, be blessed

AWS  – 09.03.15


Love’s Revelation


It’s in the simple quiet times

That you recognize love

For what it is

When no one is around

Nothing special has been done

The house is quiet

You’re the only one up

When revelation hits you like a truck

I love this woman

It’s very clear

This very moment

She’s worth the world’s weight in diamonds

To sustain this

I’d move mountains

Love you, be blessed

AWS – 09.03.15






What sense does it make

to worship what man can create

what power does it have

outside of what’s been passed

what can a calf made of gold

do for one’s soul

We place people and things

on levels that they don’t belong

then sing a sad song

when they can’t save us from the storm

it doesn’t matter

if they write, act, preach, teach, shoot, sing, or rock a microphone

talent doesn’t make one worthy of a throne

Our worship belongs

to the One Who atoned

Never, my friend, ever

give an IDOL a home

Love you, be blessed!

AWS – 09.01.15