Laying The Foundation


A few days ago, a gentleman asked, “How are you and the family?”  My response was, “We’re focusing on laying the foundation in 2016 so that we can build on solid ground in 2017 and beyond.”

One thing about me, that everyone close to me is fully aware of is that I am a dreamer. The dreams that are inside of me are not the everyday run of the mill dreams. No, they are massive galaxy, universal size dreams. While that is beautiful, it’s also been a bit futile.

Having a dream is useless if the dream is never implemented.  For years I’ve shared pieces of my dreams with others, hoping to find someone to help push the dream a little further. To this day, there has been no progress, which has taught me a lesson. IT’S MY DREAM! In the appropriate times all of the additives will be sent to bring them to life.  But before that can happen, I must first lay a solid foundation.

Therefore, to begin the construction process of erecting my lofty dreams I’ve done a studying. I’ve submerged myself in a few areas learning what I do and don’t like about the areas that it’s meant for me to be in. A wealth of knowledge has been gained already.

And I look forward to seeing the fruits of my labor.  But I wonder, how many other dreams are there in the world who are waiting on someone other than themselves to build their dream. I’ve come to discover that I can’t wait on anyone.  I can’t let anyone stand in the way of progress, not even myself.  There is too much riding on my dreams being fulfilled.  It’s the same for you.  We as dreamers are world changers! If we fail to accomplish what we’ve been ordained to do, the whole world suffers.

What blessings are we keeping from the world because we fail to move from dreamers to those who implement.


Love you, be blessed! — AWS



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