Make It Home



I awake in the morning

Afraid to walk out the door

There’s no telling

What the world has in store

Fall to my knees

Purify myself

Feed my temple

Getting a grip on my mental health

Can’t lay down

Facing my fears

Kissing my loves

Hiding my tears

Behind the wheel

I pray

Make clear

My way

Unsure of what actions to take

What words to say

An unnatural smile

I’ll check in now


Calculated steps

Not trying to piss off

Make no one upset

Not too slow

Not too quick

Not too soft

Not to aggressive

But just right

If there’s such a thing

Being it’s all relative

On another’s sight

Day’s turning to night

Back behind the wheel

Lord, please don’t let me see

Those red and blue lights

I just want to end

Where I began

Resting in arms

As my loves

Find rest

In the arms

They find strength in

07.19.16 – Love you, Be Blessed – AWS


One thought on “Make It Home

  1. So relevant with all that is going on now. I believe God takes care of His own. The human part of us is fearful, but God has not given us the spirit of fear, so keep your eyes on the Creator and not the chaos and you’ll make it home safely every night. Love your honest thoughts, though. Thanks for sharing.

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