Growth VS Comfort


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Growth and comfort can’t exist in the same realm.  It really is an either or situation.  Either we are stagnant in our comfort zone, or we’re in a state of discomfort because growth is present.  The paradox is, we have the option to be as stubborn as we desire by staying in our comfort zone.  Though that doesn’t stop the process and/or progress of growth.  If we think about it, none of us are still wearing the same pair of pants, shoes, or shirts that we did in elementary school.  Can you imagine the discomfort?  Can you imagine the unnecessary pain that would cause our bodies to endure?  At some point whether we make the decision or the decision has to be made for us, we will have to part ways with our comfort zones.  The pain is too much to endure!

Let’s make today great on purpose!

Love you, be blessed! – AWS 08.30.16


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