The Past

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A few moments ago I was in my kitchen fixing a sandwich when a thought came.  When you think about it, this thought is simple.  It’s one that you’d think would be known and applied by all. It’s simply:

The past is there for one to learn from, not to live in!

We all have things from days, weeks, months, and or years past that consistently plague our minds.  Things that we’d love to do again.  A situation that we’d love to be a part of again, be it a person, place, or thing.  But no matter how sweet that memory may be, it’s over.  And if we are speaking honestly, it ended for a reason.

Still, we try hard as ever to hold on or go back to what we never can.  We try to force or recreate things that should never be again.  Then get frustrated because despite all our efforts, we can’t win.  So what do we do?

Accept what’s happened and move beyond it.  In trying to hold on or recreate what shouldn’t be, we put ourselves through unnecessary torture and trauma.  And none of us need that added stress.  We’ve all heard the adage, “You can’t effectively drive a car by only looking in the rearview mirror.”

Life is trying to offer us something new, something greater.  But we will never be able to receive what life has to offer if we refuse to let go of yesterday.  So let go.  Stop holding the past as a standard of measurement, for it can in no way compare to what’s come if we open ourselves up to the opportunity.

Learn from the past.  Cherish the present.  Look towards the future.

Love you, be blessed! – AWS 10.16.16


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