Your Unbreakable Self!

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2016 is a year to remember.  In observing the world around us, many would describe this year as challenging.  There have been struggles.  There have been obstacles.  There have been hurdles.  And though things may not have gone the way we planned.  We still overcame.  That thought alone is where we gain our strength.  Everything that tried to break, stop, or destroy us failed.  We made it.  And we will continue to make it.   There is no obstacle that can defeat your positive mind and determined will.  So take courage, with your unbreakable self!
Let’s make today great on purpose!

Love you, be blessed! – AWS 12.29.16



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I would assume that 2016 has taught us many lessons.  Perhaps, some that stick out more than others.  One lesson that stood out to me, that I began teaching my kids is: Never be afraid to try, especially when everyone else is!  When you capitalize on things that others are scared to attempt, you set yourself up for success.  Remember F.E.A.R has more than one acronym.  The most common one is False Evidence Appearing Real.  But the one I chose to focus on is Face Everything And Rise.  Conquer your FEARs.  Your future depends on it!
Let’s make today FEARLESS on purpose!

Love you, be blessed! – AWS 12.27.16

Show Your Worth

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Each of us arrived on this planet totally unique.  There is absolutely nothing or no one that is completely identical to us.  That means you were born exceptional.  You were born with an unmatched value.  To be average is to settle for being a much cheaper version of yourself.  We are all greater than that.  Show your worth, daily.  The reward will be much like you, priceless!
Let’s make today great on purpose!

Love you, be blessed! – AWS 12.21.16