He Requires More


Your sound once
Leaped from these lips
Even the remnants
Cease to exist
Though I fight for just an ounce
Of You to come out

Give me Your Word
And I’ll write it
Give me Your Word
And I’ll recite it
God let me hear from You

Waiting in tortured anticipation
For a Word for the people
Only to be surprised with a Word for me

He said
Before I formed you in the womb
I knew you
Before you were born
I sanctified you
I ordained you
A prophet to the Nations
Before you were born
I breathed My Word into you
You’ve had my anointing since birth
You’ve walked in it
Only to walk out of it
And though you walked away
I never took it away
Instead I sealed it
Until you were ready to live it
Now I hear you crying out
For a pouring out
But before I can prepare
There are some things
That I must declare

You’ve skated
Barely making it
And if it wasn’t for the prayers
Of those who cared
Your life
I would not have spared
But now you’re here
Pleading to be restored
And I’m going to give you double
Of what you had before
But of you
I require more
Do you hear me
There is more that I require of you
There is more that I require of you
From this day
You MUST walk in My way
You must no longer doubt
Overcome your fears
Suit up for battle
Stand out amongst your peers
For the words I give you
Won’t always be pleasant
But they will always be right

Stay strong
Never lose sight
My friend
My child
My beloved
I believe in you
I merely expect you
To do what you’re capable of
And I know yourmore01 capability
Because I made capable you

How great is it to know
God believes in me
That He blessed me
With the capability
It’s a little scary
The responsibility
But if God is with me
Fear cannot be
He requires more of me
He requires more of me
He requires more of me
And more is what I’ll give
A burnt offering
As I lay down my life
Dying to myself
Scorching disobedience and excuses
He raises me from the ashes
Like a Phoenix
Blazing in passion
His Word is everlasting
His grace and mercy is what
I bask in
The Lord’s Word
I will declare it
I submit to His will
Baptized in the Father, Son, and Spirit
Knowing I will be filled
A new creature
His anointing boils in me
Drenching every word
That proceeds from these lips


What does Your Name Mean?

yourrep01(Image found in Google search)

You are known by your actions.  You are known by your character.  In trying to move to the next level, the knowledge of your actions and character will always go before you.  Always allow your actions to extend the red carpet for you, rather than keep you on the outside looking in.  Your actions equal your name.  What does your name mean?
Let’s make today great on purpose!

Love you, be blessed! – AWS 01.19.17

Chance VS. Change

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Once you recognize, it’s your responsibility to respond appropriately.  It is extremely rare for things to get better by happenstance.  In almost every case when things get better, someone has chosen to change (correct).  Don’t be the person who sees but doesn’t correct.  There is plenty of room for better if you make the space for it.
Let’s make today great on purpose!

Love you, be blessed! – AWS 01.12.17