Hell On Earth

This topic was given to me.  Hope you enjoy!

In the beginning

your words took away darkness

your presence blew away toxins

Finally allowing me to breathe

In the beginning

you created in me a new image

Called it beauty in your eyes

For the first time

I was able to believe

you speaking

Allowed the best of me

To be given

Everything inside

Was living



Is what I thought

We were building

Thought I was seeing Heaven

Turns out I wasn’t seeing that well

So blinded by an image

I couldn’t see the tail

As my Earth begins to swell

To the forthcoming

Of what am I to tell


We made angelic music

But he thought more highly of himself

Became so vainly conceited

That he tripped and fell

We should have been a trinity

But now we’re down one third

I love you with all my heart

But hate I listened to his word

In the beginning

I never imagined

you’d be my hell on Earth

In the beginning

I never imagined

Darkness being worse

In the beginning

I never imagined

Toxins could come from you

In the beginning

In never imagined

How wrong of me

you’d prove