One More Try



Quitting is not encoded in our DNA.  Which is why we keep getting up.  Which is why we constantly try to find a way.  We were designed to be victorious.  There is really only one major difference between a fighter and a champion.  All fighters are knocked down, but champions always get back up!  Don’t let any challenge that is presented to you keep you on the mat.  Get back on your feet, gain your composure, and claim that victory that you were created to possess!

Let’s make today great on purpose!

Love you, be blessed! – AWS 08.02.16


What Do You See?


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What do you see?  Life is about perception.  Oft times the way we see a situation has major impact on the outcome of the situation.  Find the beauty in whatever is going on.  Even when it seems dark and gloom, look for the positive, the silver lining.  In doing so, you may find the joyous music that will calm your spirit and march you right into victory.

Let’s make today great on purpose!

Love you, be blessed! – AWS 07.26.16


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When times seem to get progressively worse.  When it seems you’re on your last ounce of strength.  When your days seems to be the darkest, don’t lose heart.  Joy is coming.  Light is coming.  It’s said, the harder the struggle, the greater the victory.

How great is your victory?

Don’t lose heart, the fight is almost over!

Love you, be blessed – AWS 07.21.16