Intentional Writing


As a writer, there are an abundance of thoughts, topic, and or concepts to flow through your head.  The blessing in this, there is never a shortage of material.  The curse in this is, if you don’t write it down, it will never be written.  The latter has been one of  my down falls.  My vault holds a plethora of dormant works that need to be completed.  My mind is the captor of potential life changing masterpieces.  For years, I wondered how to get beyond this stilled, unproductive state.

Recently I embarked on a journey to write a book.  Typically, when I refer to releasing published work, it’s pertaining to poetry. However this particular body of work is in no way close to poetry.  As fellow writers, I’m sure you’ll understand me not releasing anything specific about the book just yet.  My question to myself while on this journey is; how do I prevent falling into the repeated cycle of dormancy?

A light bulb went off, putting everything into perspective.  Intentional Writing.  Writers at times use a crutch of, “I write when I’m inspired”.  I have been guilty of using this crutch for years.  On one hand, that is great for the world of Art.  On the other hand, outside circumstances can put us in a position to where we’re not conscious of the inspirations around us.  Now with that being said, I don’t believe in forcing anything.   What I do believe, however, is that inspiration can be provoked! But how do we do that?

It’s really not a cliché, consistency is the key! So for me, I can’t skip a day, because that will turn into two days, which will eventually lead to a week.  Before you know it months, perhaps even years will go by and I’ll still have the same few pages that I started with.  As a result, I now “intentionally” sit down to work on this project daily.  I set goals, but not limits.  What does that mean?  We have to set goal of what we want to accomplish, but we don’t do it in a way that puts unnecessary pressure on us.  I will never attempt my intentional writing with the thought, “I must write x amount of pages in this sitting”.  The leaves a foot hole for disappointment.  No instead, my goal is to simply write.  The amount of pages, paragraphs, sentences, and or words in that particular writing experience is of no worry to me.  If it’s a lot, great.  If it’s not a lot great.  If it’s quality and full of truth and meaning; perfection.  

Pressures are going to come.  There is no sense of adding extra pressure.   If we are consistent and intentional with our work, the fruits of our labor will be bountiful.  Merely my thoughts in the midst of my journey.  Hopefully someone needed this as much as I did!

Love you, be blessed!




A Letter To My Queen

Dear Good Thing,

I remember sitting there, looking stupid, because you looked so beautiful.  I remember being overtaken by a past trait (shyness) when you came around the corner.  I remember saying, “Wow, she’s with me!”  I remember receiving the greatest, most life altering kiss ever.  I remember smiling a smile that was completely new to my face.  I remember butterflies and tingles.  I remember when you said, “Yes!” I remember being filled with pride.  I remember the Big Dipper.  I remember looking for it every night.  I remember your smile that showed complete happiness.  I remember the joy that gave me.

Memories such a beautiful thing.  But memories can only carry one so far.  Especially when the one you created them with is near, not far.

A flame can be destructive and productive, two different extremes.  Here’s the irony, a destructive flame can simultaneously be productive.   Still, it can’t do either if it’s stilled.  And in order for that flame to once again have the power to destroy and/or produce, it needs another agent to rekindle it.

Our flame is still flickering, though it has lost some of its energy.  So on nights, like tonight we dance like leaves in the wind that gives life to our flame.  Allowing fire to destroy the decaying, dying pieces of our relationship, making room for regeneration.  I look forward to regenerating with you as often as possible.  As our new love produces a forest for others to live through!

Will you regenerate with me?

You King

I’d Write…If

I’d write my heart
if I knew where to start

I’d write my thoughts
If of it
good tidings would be brought

I’d write so sincere
if thoughts of your hurt
wasn’t my biggest fear

I’d write undeniable truth
if I knew it’d take root
bearing fruit in one
or in groups

I’d write my heart
I’d write my mind
I’d write

Love you, be blessed! AWS

Unexpected Blessings

a dream of perfection

never awakened

to life’s true reflections



brought stressing

from trying to have

what was never meant

to be in my possession


it didn’t take life

to learn the lesson

I found beauty

in an unexpected blessing

Love you, be Blessed – AWS